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Meeting of parliamentary leaders starts

Weekly inflation goes down 0.2%

Gold import declines by 93.59% in 5 months

PM advises President to reject mercy petitions of five prisoners

Syed Ali Gilani's house detention in IHK denounced

Vendors doing brisk business ahead of Eid Milad-un-Nabi (PBUH)

Afghan soldiers to blame for deadly wedding bombing: official

Former New York governor Mario Cuomo dies aged 82

Regional peace interlinked to prosperous Afghanistan: Mushahid

Facilitator of APS attack killed in Khyber Agency: Political Agent

Terrorists to be punished to honour blood of martyrs

Cold, dry weather with dense fog to continue

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  Nawaz Landing  
  Nawaz Landing  
  Nawaz Exiled  
  Nawaz Exiled  
  Nawaz Exiled  
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Liberalization of Pak-Indo trade to bring prosperity: Waleed Saigol

Kerb currency market

Oil production touches 90,000 barrel per day

Govt releases Rs 191.807 bln for development projects so far

Spot rates of cotton (Crop 2013-2014)

Weekly inflation goes up by 0.63%

Kerb currency market

Work on 26 MW hydropower project in Skardu to begin in April

KPT Shipping Movement Report

Pakistani products in great demand in Afghanistan, India & China

Shipping activity at Port Qasim

Application, pre-bid 15% deposit of base price for 3-4G auction must

LHC takes notice of death from police torture

Rain breaks hot spell

PR restores stoppages of five trains in Punjab

River Kabul still in low flood

Rain forecast for Hazara, Malakand divisions, Risalpur received 71mm rain: Met Office

7.3-magnitude quake off Antarctica, no injuries

Partly cloudy with chances of light rain in Karachi

136 bikes impounded, 15 outlaws arrested

Railway minister calls on Punjab CM

IRSA releases 310,300 cusecs for rim stations

River Kabul continue to run in low flood with falling trend

Rs. 50mln compensation to bomb blast victims

پشاور اسکول پر دہشت گرد حملے میں ملوث دہشت گردوں کے ساتھ آہ ی ہاتھوں سے مٹا جائے‘ آصف علی زرداری
وارد ٹیلی کام نے تیز ترین انٹرنیٹ سروس کی فراہمی کےلئے ایل ٹی ای کی سہولت متعارف کروا دی
ڈسٹرکٹ جیل فیصل آباد میں 2دہشت گردوں کو 14جنوری کو پھانسی دی جائے گی
گوادر سے کاشغر تک معاشی راہداری منصوبہ بلوچستان کے تعاون کے بغیر ناممکن ہے
،صدر مملکت ممنون حسین کا بولان میڈیکل کالج کے کانووکیشن سے خطاب
مولانا عبدالعزیز کے ناقابل ضمانت ورانٹ گرفتاری جاری
موسمی حالات کے پیش نظر شہریوں کو احتیاطی تدابیر اختیار کرنے کی ہدایت
خصوصی عدالت نے ذکی الرحمان لکھوی کی ضمانت منظور کرنے کا تحریری فیصلہ جاری کردی
بھارتی آبدوز میں آتشزدگی کے باعث بحریہ کے سات اہلکار زخمی اوردو لاپتہ ہوگئے
قائد حزب اختلاف سید خورشید شاہ نے داخلی سلامتی کا مسودہ پڑھے بغیر ہی اس پر تبصرہ کر دیا۔وزیر داخلہ چودھری نثار علی خان
سابق آئی ایس آئی چیف جنرل (ر)حمید گل کے صاحبزادے شدید علالت کے باعث ہسپتال داخل
پاکستان اور جرمنی کے مابین تجارت کو فروغ دےنے کے لئے موثر اقدامات اٹھانے کی ضرورت ہے۔شہبازشریف
مقبوضہ کشمیر کے علاقہ پونچھ میں بھارتی فوجی کی خو کشی
حریت رہنماﺅں کی طرف سے لولاب میں سات نوجوانوں کے قتل کی شدید مذمت
لاہور ہائی کورٹ نے یوٹیوب کی بندش کے خلاف دائر درخواست پر وفاقی حکومت اور پی ٹی اے سے دو ہفتے میں جواب طلب کرلیا
وزیراعظم محمد نوازشریف کا قومی اسمبلی میں قائد حزب اختلاف کے نکتہ اعتراض پر جواب
سیکورٹی پالیسی کا پہلا حصہ سیکرٹ، دوسرا سٹریٹیجک اور تیسرا آپریشنل ہے،
قومی سلامتی کی داخلی پالیسی کے مسودے کی کاپیاں پرنٹ کر کے اراکین کو فراہم کی جائیں گی
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Millat Online/Democracy in Pakistan


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Millat Online/Democracy in Pakistan Millat Online/Democracy in Pakistan
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Constitution of Pakistan PDF File
Budget Process in Pakistan, Canada, India
Budgeting for Poverty Reduction
Federal Budget Process in Pakistan
Provincial Budget Process
Case Study of Budget Process in Pakistan
Comparative Study of Pakistan, India Constitutions (Urdu)
Amendments to the Constitution of Pakistan
Overview of Constitution of Pakistan
Comparative Study of Pakistan, India Constitutions
Amendments to the Constitution of Pakistan (Urdu)
Overview of Constitution of Pakistan (Urdu)
Overview of Constitution of Pakistan (Urdu)
Who Voted for Whom
Why Some People Vote and Other Dont?
Responsibilities of Federal, Provincial and Local Govts.
Federal System in Pakistan
Local Govt. Elections 2005
Federal, Provincial and Local Govt. (Eng)
Pakistan's Foreign Policy
Development of Pakistan's Foreign Policy
Case Study of Lahore, Agra Summits
Parliament and Foreign Policy
Freedom of Information_ Briefing Paper
Freedom of Information (Urdu)
Parliamentary Delegation Tour to India
Report of Indian Tour
Report of USA Tour
Election Manifestoes of Different Parties in Pakistan
Committee System
Committee System in Provinces
Effective Committee System
Report on Effective Committee System
Report on Baloachastan Tour
Parliamentary Internship for Senate
Parliamentary Delegation to USA
Democracy and Good Governance
Comparison of Parliamentary Rules
Poverty Reduction
Poverty Reduction and Budget
SAFTA.. Introduction
SAFTA..Briefing Paper ( URDU)
Performance of Senate
State of Democracy Quarter 4, 2004
Revival of Democracy
Revival of Democracy
State of Democracy
First 2 Years of National Assembly
Issues of Water Resources in Pakistan
Briefing on Water Issues
International Agreements on Women
WTO Regime and Pakistan
Youth and Politics in Pakistan
National Security Council

Senate Directory
Provincial Budget Process-A Case Study
Provincial Budget Process (Urdu)
Punjab Budget Process
Federal Budget Process
Provincial Budget Process (Urdu)
Understanding the Budget
Public Funding of Political Parties
How to be an effective Parliamentarian
Being an effective Parliamentarian
Effective Contribution to Budget Making
Free, fair and credible elections
Caretaker Govt. During Elections
Free, fair and credible elections
What Do the Voters Think?
Local Govt. System
Canadian and Pakistani Govt. System
Federal and Provincial Working Relationship
Pakistan, India Relations
Pakistan, India Relations ( Urdu)
Process of Foreign Policy Formulation
Recognition of Taliban
Foreign Policy Process in Pakistan
Proposals for Resolving Kashmir Dispute
Freedom of Information
Conduct of Business in Pakistan and India
Study Tour to USA
Labour Issues in Pakistan
National Security Council
Over Sight of Security Sector
Committee System in Provinces ( Urdu)
Sindh Committee System ( Urdu)
Baloachastan Committee System
Punjab Committee System
Parliamentary Internship for National Assembly
Parliamentary Internship...Introduction
Democracy and Good Governance ( Urdu)
Rules of Business in National Assembly
Poverty Reduction (Urdu)
SAFTA (English)
SAFTA ( Urdu)
SAFTA .. Briefing Paper
State of Democracy--2005
Democracy Update
Revival of Democracy
State of Democracy
State of Democracy
Democracy Update
Democracy Update
Issues of Water Resources in Pakistan (Urdu)
Women Representation in Pakistan
First Year of women in Parliament
WTO Regime
WTO Regime (Urdu)
Election Manifestos of Parties in Pakistan
Security Sector Challenges


Coup 99
Hamood ul Rehman Report
Terror in Palastine
Strike on Iraq 98
Nawaz Sharif Speech After Nuclear Blasts
Indian Plane Hijacking
Catch Osama 99
Nuclear Test 98
Nuclear Test Photo Gallery
First Yom i Takbeer
Indian & Pakistani Nuclear Facilities
Saddam Capture
SAARC Photo Gallery
SAARC News Coverage
Dr Qadeer Photos
Speech of Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan
Punjab Vision 2020
Death of Nawabzada
Indian Plane Highjacking Drama
Murder of Sheikh Ahmad Yasin
Sialkot Prison Tragedy
Saddam Capture Photos
Transcript of Rice's 9/11 commission
Full Coverage on Dr Qadeer
Pakistan's nuclear programme
Karachi attack on Army Commander: Photos

Columnists on Border
Vajpayee Visit 99
Clinton Impeachment
Jamaat Islami March against Vajpayee
Strike on Kossovo
Nawaz Sharif in Exile
Nawaz in Medina Munnawara
Ramazan Photo Gallery
Asadullah Ghalib Pictorial Profile
Hajj 2004 Photo Gallery
Saddam Capture Photo Gallery
SAARC Photo Gallery
Pak India Border Situation
Meerwala Tragedy
Nawa i Waqat on Nawabzada
Mufti Shamezai Tragedy
OIC Summit 2003 Speeches
OIC Summit 2003 Photo Coverage
OIC Summit 2003 More Photo Coverage
OIC Summit 2003 More Photo Coverage
Election Manifesto PMLZ
Election Manifesto PPP
Election 2002
Election 2002
Mian Sharif